About Kuy-Kuy

     Kuy-Kuy means bridge in mapudungun, the language spoken by the mapuche people in the center and south of Chile. As a company we would like to be the connection, the bridge, to bring the indigenous chilean culture to the rest of the world.

Our products are made by artisans with sheep wool purchased to mapuche people from the south and alpaca wool from the aymará people from the north. They use traditional methods in all steps of the fabrication: They use scissors to shear the sheep, they spin the wool with wooden spindles and dye it in pots of hot water with natural elements for color, such as leaves, roots and wild fruits. Finally, it’s hand-woven, therefore making each product unique and different.

Each of Kuy-Kuy’s products conveys the essence and warmth of the indigenous people of Chile with a purely handmade process.


Do you provide International delivery?


We ship to Canada and other parts of the world from Chile, through various national and international courier companies.


How do I return an item?

If you’d like to return an item, you should contact us by email indicating the reason for your return.  If this reason is within the terms of our return policy, we will proceed to send a new product or refund the money, if applicable.



What is your returns policy?


You may return an ítem if the product:

  • Is different from the picture.

  • The measurements are different by more than 10 cm.

  • The color differs in more than 3 shades.













How do I track my order?


Once we’ve shipped the product, we will send you a tracking number for your order.  You will be able to follow the online status and location of the product.



How can I contact your couriers?


We work with several courier companies including: Correos de Chile, etc., which you can contact directly from their websites.



What are your delivery options?


We have several shipping methods:


  • Sending by regular mail.

  • Sending by express mail.


When finalizing your order, you should select the option which you prefer.